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#68 Terry Alexander crashes during a CMC quad race at Argyll MX near Dixon, CA... it survives the crash... but can it survive what happens next?!?! This camera was lost in the mud of the track, rolled around by the tractors, and found two weeks later lying in the track dirt by a rider pal... and it survived, just a cracked case but otherwise intact (unfortunately the replacement camera was lost that same day!) We told the story to GoPro, who sent us replacement parts and a case for the found cam, a brand new cam to replace the lost one (still not found) ... ALL for FREE! I guess they liked the video! Hope you all do too! :)
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Tearing up the motocross track in sweeden aboard a Polaris Outlaw 450MXR.
The Ripper 898 0
Racing through the whooped out desert on a Raptor 250
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Just rollin
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A rough edit using the footage from a bullet / helmet cam mounted in various places on a bike.
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YFZ450R test round with helmet cam on Saint Jean d' Angely race track, for introduction video.
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This is really what I like to do with my Atv, but in Belgium it's very difficult to do this caus lot of peoples and the government don't like Atv in my Area :( For example it's prohibited to ride in the forest !!
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