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United States, Ohio, Milford
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 Jammed Packe​d
 Got alot deeper than it looked


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|Personal Profile|
I am a: Enthusiast
Rider Type: Cross Country
Favorite Ride Spot: South Eastern KY
Machines I own: 2011 Polaris Sportsman 850 XP
Machine Setup/mods: GBC Grim Reapers Trail Tech Voyager EPI HD Belt
Other Interest:
Favorite Bands:
Jamie Johnson
Five Finger Death Punch
Lyynard Skynard
Zach Brown
Favorite Movies:
Gran Turino
Iron man
Varsity Blues

   About me
I work hard and play harder.  I love my family and if anyone has a problem with them then its an issue.  I have a problem I am addicted to quads.  You can call me a quadaholic.  i need to start up a QAA group.  Quadaholis Anynmous.  I cant spell.  Anyway quadaholics get together once a month and just ride at the chosen destination, thats what we call therapy folks.  Anything else just shoot me an email

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