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Published on July 24th, 2012 | by Joe


Media Allstars Mid-Season Update: The Burden Of Higher Standards

Having high standards is obviously nothing to be ashamed of, after all it’s way more work to strive for greatness than to settle for mediocrity. As a team, 2012 has been a season that would make most team managers ecstatic; On the track we’ve had 54 Overall Podiums including 20 Overall Wins, 109 Moto Podiums with 41 Moto Wins, Two podium sweeps (Sunday Creek & High Point), and an 18 Moto Win streak by our newest team member Brett Musick. With two rounds to go, we’ve clinched two Championships, and are in the driver’s seat of a handful of others. We ventured into the TQRA series with a two-man effort which has yielded equally impressive results; 21 Overall Podiums with 15 Overall Wins, and 27 Moto Wins. Off the track we’ve got the best looking pit set-up at the races, our machines stand out above even those of the Top Pros, our title sponsor Lonestar Racing has featured our riders in their ad campaigns, and we’ve managed to support various one off events including the Matt Bartosek Celebration Race. We’re promoting the team and our sponsors throughout the Social Media world, and have compiled enough content to keep us going through the off-season. With all that said; we’re burdened by the thoughts of what we could’ve pulled off had certain cards fallen differently. How many Championships would we have in the bag had half our roster not quit due to financial difficulties, or injuries this season? What would our pits look like had they not been destroyed by the same storm that wiped out half of Ohio and West Virginia earlier this month? Where would our Pro-Am rider Casey Martin end up if he wasn’t racing a freshly retired (22 year old) full-on Factory Pro racer?

Coming into 2012 we built a Roster that could potentially set a record for Wins, and even though it’s been decimated, it’s still unbelievably impressive. The standout rider thus far has been Brett Musick, the kid has clinched two “B” Class Championships, moved up to the “A” class, and has already won his first “A” Class race…in his first try. No joke by anyone’s standards. Dylan Tremellen isn’t far behind, the only difference has been bad luck. Like most kids on our roster, Dylan falls under the “have-nots” when it comes to financial resources; luckily for him, what he lacks in dollar signs, he more than makes up for in talent. Dylan is poised to clinch his second 16-24 Class Championship, and is riding on a level that is jaw dropping to watch. Dan Hoisington might just be the most tenacious rider we’ve had on the team since Josh Upperman, after battling through some of the worst luck in history he’s turned it around, and been on a tear that has to be scary for his competitors. Dan’s intensity is downright amusing, as he seems “fired up” at all times regardless of results. Jake McGraw is about three steps below anyone on the “have-nots” scale, and the only thing he’s lacking more than financial stability these days, is luck. Jake will literally tear through a class in the first Moto, only to be left tearing through his motor in the second one. Jake, (like the rest of our ex-Suzuki supported team) is on a three-year old machine, that has seen better days. We’ve been toying with the idea of switching brands, but have so much invested in Suzuki parts, that we’re not quite sure just what to do. These four riders are the core of the team right now, and the foundation upon which we’ll be building in the future.

Calen McGinty has maintained a steady drive towards the front of the “A” Class pack, landing on the podium twice along the way. Calen is as good a kid as you’ll find anywhere, with a strong commitment to his faith, and team. The McGinty family embodies what we believe as a team, and have become an integral part of our track side presence. The Holley Brothers have been breaking new ground all across the board, from moving to shifter quads for Josh, to earning a career first win for Matthew. The Holley brothers are the future of this sport, and we know that they’re a good investment in our team’s future. The team’s Vet class contingent (Dale Batson, Mark Batson, & CD Musick) continue to work double-duty as racers and mentors for the younger riders. Dale and Mark have dedicated countless hours to educating their teammates on proper suspension set up, the Batsons have been moonlighting at various Cross Country races, and bringing home several vet class Wins. CD Musick (Brett’s dad) has been flying the team flag, and finishing at the front of the +40 class all season long with three podiums so far in 2012. Our Women’s class contingent of Kaitlyn Bushey and Kelsey Dyer haven’t been at the races due to a blown-out knee, and previously approved part time schedule respectively.

Team Manager extraordinaire Chase Cunningham has had to pick up everyone’s slack all season long, if anyone left any bad luck within ten miles of the track, Chase has made sure he finds it, and hoards it for himself. Regardless, he’s managed to keep his chin up, and guide our crew through the highs, and lows of MX life. Unfortunately, Nick Lepkoske, Ryan Wheeler, Josh Rager, Austin McGraw, Brandon Benlien, Bailey Howard, & Cody Kimberlin have all had to drop out for various reasons. While we miss their results, and friendship at the track, we’ve had to focus our support on the riders who are actually showing up.

For play-by-play results, please check out our team’s site. We figured we’d give you a more personal insight as to what’s really going on behind the scenes. Thanks again for your support, we couldn’t do it without you.

2012 Season At A Glance:
2012 ATV MX National Team Stats                 2012 TQRA TEAM STATS
Overall Wins: 20                                                        Overall Wins: 15
Overall Podiums (2nd-3rd): 34                           OVERALL PODIUMS (2nd-3rd):6
Overall Top Fives (4th-5th): 29                         Overall Top Fives (4th-5th): 1
Moto Wins: 41                                                   MOTO WINS: 27
Moto Podiums (2nd-3rd): 68                              MOTO PODIUMS (2nd-3rd): 14
Moto Top Fives (4th-5th): 60                            Moto Top Fives (4th-5th): 2

Current Point Standings
Casey Martin 2nd Pro-Am Production
Brett Musick 1st Prod. B, & 450B
Dylan Tremellen 1st 16-24, 4th 4 Stk.-A, 6th 450-A
Jake McGraw 7th Prod. A, 14th Pro Am Unltd.
Dan Hoisington 2nd 16-24, 5th Open A
Calen McGinty 6th Open A, 12th Prod. A
Josh Holley 5th Super Mini
Matthew Holley 3rd 50cc Senior
Dale Batson 6th 30+ A Class
Mark Batson 10th 30+ A Class
Chase Cunningham 4th +25 Class, 7th Open A Class
CD Musick 3rd +40
*TQRA Pake Shinn 1st Open A, 1st 14-24 Class
*TQRA Austin Wilson 3rd 14-24 Class

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