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Published on February 22nd, 2013 | by Joe


Pro Armor / Wildcat / Scranton Boys Race Team

WORCS Rounds 1 & 2 Race Update

Well with the first round approaching fast and weather conditions predicting heavy rain all weekend in Peoria, AZ, the Scranton boys were prepping their Pro Armor/Arctic Cat Wildcat for a wet race. After prepping every night after work, they loaded up and headed out around 1am Saturday morning, in these rainy conditions for the long 9 hour drive. They arrived around 10am with just enough time to get unloaded, signed up and on the track for the parade lap. They figured it would help since it would be their first look at this wet and sloppy track thanks to Mother Nature. After talking it over with his team manager the Scranton Boys decided they would try to preserve the car for the entire race and not push the limits until they see the white flag. This way they will at least finish the first race of WORCS series, in the most grueling of conditions. Tommy got a decent start thanks to the added horsepower from Yoshimura, putting him top 15 on the first lap.  He slowly worked his way through the pack even with the extreme conditions thanks to GBC Tires and our SPEEDWERX clutch kept our horsepower on the ground through the entire race with no problems. Tommy eventually saw the white flag and gave one last push on the final lap pulling out of Round #1 with a 7th place in the Production Pro UTV class! Now the Scranton Boys had a lot of clean up after Round one and plenty of prepping ahead of them before the 2nd round of the WORCS series in Primm, NV.

The Scranton boys set off for fun-filled Primm, NV at 4pm Friday and had no better luck on the weather driving than in round #1. With heavy hail that eventually led to heavy snowfall for most the drive they began planning on how they were going to prep the WildCat to last another round in some of the gnarliest conditions.  After a little pre-walk on the track and a beautiful jet fly by for photo opps., the Motul oils and coolants had the Wildcat purring and the Scranton Boys had their Arctic Cat Wildcat ready to go.  The team was lined up on the 2nd row thanks to their finish 7th place in round 1 giving them a chance for a better start. Once lined up, the flagger pointed to each driver as he dropped the flag and off went the highly anticipated Pro Class. Each row started with 1 minute separating them, so when the flagged dropped on Tommy’s row, he was in 4th place out of the turn for his row, putting him in 9th overall. After getting faster and faster each lap Tommy quickly throttled down and put the GBC Tires to work and moved his way up to the front of his row, which put him 3rd place overall and with a Factory backed Can-Am on his tail. He slowly pulled away from the Maverick, but with ½ a lap left they had technical difficulties.  Unfortunately the rear axle nut had broken the cotter pin and backed its way off, causing the tire to fly by our driver as he came to a sudden halt. The team still finished 14th place overall thanks to the driving of Tommy Scranton who had passed enough racers to put him in 10th place after 2 rounds in the Production UTV Pro Class. The team is looking forward to racing Round #3 of the WORCS Series in Lake Havasu, AZ on March 23rd.

Even with the difficulties in the last race, the Scranton Boys/Pro Armor Production Pro UTV Race Team was very happy with how well the Wildcat held its ground and ran strong with all the other big names in the industry. Now they are even more excited for the next round, with a new, lighter and even a little faster Wildcat to debut at WORCS Round #3 watch for the Scranton boys to improve on their last finish and put the WildCat on the podium where it belongs! If you haven’t had a chance to watch the racing this year you need to come out and watch some great racing and support everyone in the series. They will be racing the WORCS Series, the Dirt Series along with some select other races, so come on out and show your support at any local races you can make, they are a blast to watch or race!

Huge thanks to Arctic Cat, Speedwerx, GBC Tires, Yoshimura, Walker Evans Racing, Douglas Wheels,, Motul and Alba Racing

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