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In 2006 Sunshine State Quad Series Association (SSQSA) formed to give Florida racers an economic series with a National atmosphere.   Running in the winter months proved to be just what the racers needed, giving them the opportunity to stay in shape for the Nationals and racing on different tracks in the state of Florida.  Once again SSQSA will be in full operation and bringing that atmosphere back to the racers.

The series this winter will be one that will bring together racers from all over the state and the Nation.  It will also introduce the ATV QUAD CHALLENGE, which is reintroducing the ATV OLYMPICS.   The ATV QUAD CHALLENGE will be a standalone event, but the MX portion will count towards the series overall. The events in the ATV QUAD CHALLENGE will be MX, GP, Knobby TT, and Drag.  These 4 events will take place over 3 days during NEW YEARS EVE weekend.  This event will be held at the Florida MotoPlex in Madison, FL.
Opening round will be November 6, 2011 in St Petersburg, FL at Sunshine Motocross.  With 50 Years of history and over 1.5 miles of track, Sunshine Motocross is the leading Bay Area Motocross track. The track, with its long history, has hosted such events as the 500cc National, the Florida Gold Cup, Florida Motocross Series, Florida Vintage Motocross Race, Florida Trail Riders, and the Sunshine State Quad Series.
Round 2 will be December 4, 2011 held at a new off road facility in Fort Meade, FL , Dirty Foot AdventuresDirty Foot Adventures opened June 2010 with one thing in mind, FAMILY! They wanted to give families an off road park that is suitable for all ages.  Your child will never see anything inappropriate at this park.  They have over 1800 acres of fun filled entertainment including 30+ miles of trails (one way and 2 way), hare scramble course and races, 300′ Professional Sand Drag Strip with lights, timers and guardrails, oval flat tracks, small mx track (larger one now in the building stage).
Round 3 will be December 29 – 31, 2011 in Madison, FL at The Florida MotoPlex.   This will be the location of the ATV QUAD CHALLENGE, hence the 3 day event.  The MX race will be on December 31, 2011.  Entertainment is being planned for you to bring in the New Year with some of your best friends.  The Florida MotoPlex offers 400 acres, miles of dry, mixed, Ute extreme and natural swamp trails. Keyhole mud pits 3 lane mud drag, competition mud drag pit, as well as large mud pits, 1000+ ft sand drag and 3 sport MX tracks.
Our final round will be held January 8, 2012 in Citra, FL at MX of Marion County, better known as Reddick. The facility has a beautiful, large pit area that is all grass.  There are large oak trees for shade, and the spectators are in for a treat, with grandstands and a view of every inch of the track. The main track is all clay, and its layout is both challenging and fun.  The facility also boosts a separate vintage motocross track, which is a combination of clay and sand, and very vintage bike friendly.  They also have well maintained portable restrooms. The food is great, with a variety of hot and cold food, snacks, beverages, and even deserts.  There is a central bike wash area for those of you who like to keep your bikes spotless between moto’s.  All this and one of the best reputations in Florida for putting on a fun, and well organized event.  Come see for yourself!
As you can see Florida SSQSA is planning on finishing and bringing in the New Year with a bang!  Come be a part of the phenomenal racing here in Florida.  Come join racers like Jeremy Lawson, Devin Heimes, Mark Madl, Jeffery Rastrelli, Samantha Cheetham, Jessica “Shorty” Doherty, Mike Walsh, Jordan Gibson, Kodi Ward, and other National racers that know Florida is the place for training in the off season and chose to do so with SSQSA!
For more information about Sunshine State Quad Series Association please visit our web site at or email us at

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