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Published on March 19th, 2020 | by HMF RACING

HMF unveils exhausts and bumpers on Scrambler XP 1000 S

The Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 S features a bold level of performance in the all-wheel sport ATV model.  Featuring a ProStar SOHC 4-Stroke Twin Cylinder engine, the XP 1000 S cranks out 89 horsepower as a stock machine.  Up close, this is a big quad!  The long-travel suspension design really allows the XP 1000 S to stand up straight when facing ugly and unruly terrain.

We rolled in the 2020 Scrambler XP 1000 S to the shop, looking to make this monstrous beast even larger.  The stock exhaust system choked down the sound a bit, so that was an area where we quickly began.  Upon development of a Dual Full System and single Slip-On system, we designed an HD Front Bumper that gives the Scrambler more meat-on-the-bones, protecting the front and rear from rock, debris, and other obstacles.

The Polaris Scrambler® XP 1000 S exhaust systems are available as a Dual Full System in the Performance Series and a Single Slip-On System in the Titan Series.

Performance Series
Dual Full System
The 4” diameter aluminum silencers are 14″ cans with a stainless steel head pipe that will replace the entire exhaust system.

Titan Series
Slip-On System
The 5″ stainless steel Titan Slip-On System retains a similar layout as the stock exhaust while still retaining the signature HMF™ design.  Available in both the Loud (XL) and Quiet (QS) options.

Exhaust Weights (weight difference to stock): 
Performance Dual Full System: 16.9 lbs (-3.35 lbs)
Titan-QS (Quiet) Slip-On: 8.15 lbs (-6.8 lbs)
Titan-XL (Loud) Slip-On: 7 lbs (-7.95 lbs)

Performance Gains:
Exhaust & Tuning (all systems): +2.24 hp / +.9 ft-lb

Defender HD Front Bumper

The front end of the Polaris Scrambler is really a slick design.  The geometry of the plastics coupled with the aggressive suspension really gives this thing a mean look.  We wanted to enhance that with a clean, simple design that fits the mold of the machine.

Our Defender HD Front Bumper is built from .095″ steel tubing, fits up to a 3500 lb winch, and is a durable, lightweight front bumper that’s ideal for riders looking to add front end protection without a lot of weight.  Available in red and black, the Defender Front Bumper includes a black 1/8″ aluminum skid plate with a mount for an ATV 4-7/8″ fairlead.  With great aesthetics and increased functionality, the Defender Front Bumper makes for an incredible addition to the front of the Scrambler XP 1000 S.  See Winch Mount Dimensions

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Defender Rear Bumper

The back of the machine is just as aggressive as the front.  (Especially with the HMF Dual Full System… *cough).  So, like the front of the machine, we wanted to compliment that with all the new equipment we were adding.  The rear bumper wraps around the back end nicely, accenting the lines already in place.

The rear bumper easily mounts to the frame of the vehicle and provides the strength and protection to handle even the most demanding situations. It has been specifically designed to work with both stock and HMF™ exhaust systems and is powder-coated black or red for superior protection.

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Hitch Receiver

Let’s keep it functional.  It’s a big idea around here.  Our Hitch Receiver is a beefy 2″ off-road hitch receiver that’s built from 3/16″ steel and features a heavy-duty gusset plate that mounts directly to the stock rear plate. Powdercoated solid black for durability, the hitch receiver works on the Polaris® Scrambler XP 1000 S model. Ball mount and ball not included though. (rats!)

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