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TCX Boots Off Road Collection


Pro 2.1. MSRP: $439.99.

Protection and performance are never more important than when in the dirt. The demands of motocross and enduro riding combined with the rugged elements of off-road mean that your feet need the best support. TCX’s sharp focus on boots brings years of expertise together with modern technology and premium materials for the ultimate in off-road footwear. The PRO 2.1 highlights the Off Road Collection as the pinnacle of TCX Off Road Technology. The X-MUD offers ideal value to beginner and hobby off-road riders while the COMP KID brings TCX quality to small-sized feet.

PRO 2.1
Protection –
TCX’s signature Torsion Control System® provides the framework for the PRO 2.1 boot. Three rigid elements hinge together with sliding inserts, offering specific flexion points on the boot – two in the rear and one on each side. The sophisticated TCS system allows normal bending movement of the foot while preventing excessive torsion both front to back and side to side. The stops effectively protect the rider’s foot from injury, while still allowing comfortable movement both on and off the motorcycle. Polyurethane reinforcements in the shin, toe, heel and ankle areas contribute to the PRO 2.1’s sturdy design while the water-resistant upper and water-resistant bellow at the closure offer wet-weather protection. A steel toecap and inner rubber heat guards complete the robust construction of TCX’s premium off-road boot.


X-Mud. MSRP: $189.99.


X-Mud. MSRP: $189.99.

Performance – The incredibly lightweight design of the PRO 2.1 goes a long way at the end of the day, helping conserve strength without compromising protection. The PRO 2.1 offers excellent stability thanks to preformed counters that cradle and support the heel while the interchangeable dual-compound rubber sole ensures ideal grip. The Torsion Control System allows the freedom of movement you need to conquer the most extreme conditions, while also providing lightweight protection.

Comfort – The PRO 2.1 utilizes a removable inner bootie, constructed from breathable material. Four aluminum buckles are fully adjustable for a snug fit unique to each rider. Gel inserts at the ankle not only ensure effective protection, but provide added comfort. The PRO 2.1 is constructed with TCX’s hand-made quality, crafted around the detailed anatomy of the foot for the all-day comfort you need to go the distance.

  • TCX Torsion Control System®
  • Water resistant micro-fiber upper
  • Breathable fabric inner lining
  • Water-resistant bellow at the closure
  • Interchangeable inner bootie made from breathable material
  • Padded front and ankle area
  • Reinforced shin plate
  • Polyurethane-reinforced toe guard, heel guard and ankle area
  • Four aluminum adjustable buckles
  • Dual-compound rubber sole – interchangeable
  • Overall light weight
  • Steel toe cap
  • Inside rubber heat guard
  • MSRP: $439.99

Beginner and hobby riders will enjoy the X-MUD from TCX – the off-road boot with the comfort and protection you need to take on the elements. The padded front and ankle area combine with a breathable AIR TECH lining for a comfortable ride, while the fully adjustable four-buckle fastening system ensures for a snug fit. The X-MUD sacrifices nothing when it comes to protection with polyurethane heel, ankle and toe guards, a reinforced shin plate and inside suede heat guards. The steel toecap and interchangeable rubber sole complete the rugged construction of the X-MUD.

  • Leather upper
  • Padded front and ankle area
  • AIR TECH breathable lining
  • Inner suede heat guard
  • Polyurethane heel, ankle and toe guards
  • Polyurethane-reinforced shin plate
  • Four adjustable polyurethane buckles
  • Interchangeable rubber sole
  • MSRP: $189.99

Because little people demand the same level of protection and performance, TCX offers the COMP KID. Built for youth motocross and off-road riders, the COMP KID has the premium materials and sophisticated design you expect from TCX in a compact size for growing riders.

  • Leather upper
  • AIR TECH breathable lining
  • Reinforced shine plate
  • Polyurethane-reinforced ankle and toe areas
  • Three adjustable polyurethane buckles
  • Three-color injected sole
  • MSRP: $139.99

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