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Published on September 26th, 2012 | by Joe


2013 Can-Am Outlander 650 X mr

Can-Am Outlander 650 X mr Features and Benefits


62-HP Rotax V-Twin 650

Revised for 2013, the 650cc liquid-cooled Rotax V-Twin powerplant now produces 62 horsepower and can easily outperform competitive 700cc-class models. With an unmatched power-to-weight ratio and electronic fuel injection (46mm throttle body), the single overhead cam engine is efficient, imposing and invigorating. Regardless of temperature or altitude, EFI ensures optimal performance from the engine at all times.

The Rotax engine remains controllable and offers useable power for a wide array of riders and situations. Progressive throttle control means the power remains manageable in slow-speed mud crawls or in faster paced trail runs.

Dual-room, No-tools Air Box

The Outlander 650 air box is placed at a higher and more centralized location for filtering and processing air. The no-tools air box features a dual-room design that improves the air filtration process and the quality of air by capturing dirty air in one portion of the box and clean air in another section before it sends the air to the engine. The air intake is also higher in the frame to improve the machine’s capabilities in the mud and water. Accessing the filter for maintenance and inspection only requires the removal of the seat, console plastic and exterior push plate. The air filter is securely attached to the air box housing with a screw-on system and push plate that work in tandem to create a tight seal.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with engine braking

BRP has made sure that critical components like the CVT intake, CVT exhaust and engine intake are located as high as possible on the ATV. They are placed high in front of the handlebars and above the muddy, wet conditions below. The CVT cover features a secure 13-bolt system for an improved seal. The cover has an easily accessible drain plug if the need ever arises to remove water from the CVT housing. Automatic transmission with standard engine braking featuring high, low, park, neutral and reverse is also included.


Large, Relocated Radiator

Located in place of the front rack, the radiator of the Can-Am Outlander X mr is kept out of the mud and wears a protective, vented cover, ensuring all-day rides in the deep goop. The large, efficient radiator offers around 22 kW of cooling capacity.


Large 5.4 gal (20.5 L) fuel tan k

The Outlander has a capacity of 5.4 gallons (20.5 liters), which means one can ride longer and play harder.


Surrounding Spar Technology (SST G2) frame with Geometric Contact Control

The Outlander 650 X mr uses the next generation and industry-exclusive Surrounding Spar Technology (SST) G2 frame from

BRP. Introduced in 2012 on the 800R and 1000 models, the welded-steel frame incorporated new processes and updated geometry for increased structural integrity, improved durability and precision handling. The more efficient SST design offers increased strength compared to a traditional tubular steel chassis, a lower center of gravity, better handling and requires far less components, materials and welds.

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