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Published on March 20th, 2013 | by Joe


HMF Introduces NEW IQ Defense Equipment

Nerf Bars, Heel Guards, Bumpers, and Grab Bars

What is IQ

IQ is a new series of defense equipment developed by HMF that combines functionality with proven manufacturing quality. Backed by the HMF brand, these parts were developed using real time race experience as the foundation for each component. IQ features a complete nerf and heel guard system with front and rear bumpers, giving your machine with a well built, reliable defense system.

Nerf Bar Heel Guard Combo $459.95

A strong nerf system on your quad is not a luxury, it is a necessity. The race season is long, and you need your nerf system to perform and last throughout the year. The IQ Nerf System offers a solid foundation for the entire race season.

Nerf & Heel Guard Combo Includes:
(2) Nerf Bars and Nets
(2) Heel Guards and Nets
(2) 2 Foot Pegs

IQ Bumper$119.95

It’s offroad racing; when you ride hard, you take risks. Often times, those risks turn into a face full of trees Your front bumper needs to take a punishment and react to the impact to protect you. We built the IQ Bumper on these core principals for maximum durability.

IQ Grab Bar $89.95

It’s not reinventing the wheel, it’s just enhancing a simple function. When you’re stuck in the mud and need a pull, you don’t want your grab bar to break. The IQ Grab Bar is reliable and does the job.

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