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Suspension Tuning Basics, Yamaha Sport ATV Tech Tip Video Series

How to adjust your shock’s preload to smooth out bumps, control body roll, and affect traction.


Having manufactured the largest, most diverse lineup of sport ATVs for more than 20 years, no other company is more dedicated to the market and exhilaration of sport ATVs than Yamaha. Now, we’ve taken all of our riding and racing experience and put together the “Yamaha Sport ATV Tech Tip Video Series” to help you get the most performance and reliability from your ATV.

Smoothing bumps, enhancing traction, and much, much more is why most riders would agree that no single aspect of your ATV’s performance is as important as its suspension. Maybe that’s why Yamaha has become a leader in nearly every sport ATV class, from the championship winning YFZ450R to the king of all-terrain, the Raptor 700R.

Most ATV shocks offer some level of adjustability with many offering preload adjustment. High-end models like the Raptor 700R and the YFZ450R also benefit from shocks with high and low speed compression damping, in addition to rebound damping adjustments. If you have never tuned your shocks, all of these adjustments can be a little overwhelming. For now, we will start with the most basic and common adjustment, preload.

If you have any questions about tuning your ATV’s suspension, you can always count on your local Yamaha dealer.

For more information on Yamaha’s full line of ATVs, visit http://yamahamotorsports.

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