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Published on May 16th, 2012 | by Joe


Fly Racing F-16 Riding Gear Test

Factory fashion and features at a privateer price.


One of our favorite things about Fly Racing’s riding gear is that their more entry-level lines don’t stand out as “cheaper looking” compared to higher-end, more expensive lines. We recently ordered a set of their F-16 riding gear, Maverik MX Boots, Kinetic Pro Trey Canard helmet, and Focus Goggles for our 12–year-old test rider, Ethan Wingate, for a couple of upcoming tests. Based on its looks, we had no idea that the F-16 gear was Fly’s least expensive riding gear. Examining their construction up close, they didn’t appear to skimp on features either.


The F-16 pants are constructed of tough feeling 600D Nylon. Integrated raised Thermoplastic rubber badges on the lower thighs, knees, and top rear of the pants look good and add some additional protection.  Stretch rib material is used above the knees, up the inner thigh, in a section of the rear lower legs, and at the rider’s lower back, providing flexibility. The knee area was designed with a little extra room and flexibility to accommodate the use of knee braces. The Flex-rib material allows some breathability and a mesh liner helps promote circulation, helping keep the rider cool. A single-sided, looped, Velcro-equipped bel allows you to tailor the waist’s fitment and the pants close with a single snap and ratcheting fly closure.

The jersey is constructed of silky-feeling polyester. Multi-panel construction is used to boost comfort. According to Fly, their sublimated graphics, “ …allow for the highest quality in fade-free graphics.” The jersey’s “shorty cuffs” feature light elastic, and are said to reduce arm pump. Stretch rib material was used around the collar and their soft tag prevents discomfort.  The black and purple limited edition jersey features mesh panels for extra cooling.

The lightweight F-16 gloves are designed for maximum freedom of movement. They are constructed primarily of neoprene, with woven knit and lycra back panels. The gloves’ thermoplastic rubber logos are designed for maximum flexibility––boosting protection, without hindering movement. The palms are lightly padded with reinforced thumbs. Small silicone grippers on the thumb and first two fingers help promote control, and the gloves close with an adjustable Velcro-equipped TPR closure.

The Review

Our size 28 pants, adult medium jersey, and gloves were a bit large on Ethan’s five-foot tall, 95-pound frame, leaving him with a little room to grow.  He could have worn a small jersey, but that’s no fault of Fly’s. The good thing about many young riders is that they either like or hate something. Ethan was as enthusiastic about the new gear as he was toward the vehicles he was testing.  We figure that is a good endorsement.

Our riding took place in temperatures between 65 and 80 Fahrenheit and cooling seemed adequate within these temperatures.  We found the gear to be both stylish and functional. On the ATV, the F-16 pants offered plenty of room to move around, when hanging off for corners. The gloves provided a good feeling of contact with the machine and their padded palms with little rubber grippers on the fingers really enhanced comfort on the Outlaw 90’s hard grips.


We didn’t set out to review this gear; we just needed something appropriate for Ethan to wear for testing a few vehicles, but we were impressed enough that we wanted to share our impression of it. To be cheap, something has to simply be inexpensive. To be a good deal, it has to deliver more quality and features than you would expect for the price. We think Fly Racing’s F-16 gear is a good deal.

Manufacturer: Fly Racing

F-16 Pants     $69.95

F-16 Jersey    $24.95

F-16 Gloves   $16.95

Fly Racing F-16 Riding Gear Test Joe

Fly Racing F-16 Riding Gear

Summary: To be cheap, something has to simply be inexpensive. To be a good deal, it has to deliver more quality and features than you would expect for the price. We think Fly Racing’s F-16 gear is a good deal.


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