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Published on November 1st, 2011 | by Joe


HMF Introduces NEW Exhausts for Can-Am Outlander and Renegade 1000

CLICK FOR AUDIO of the HMF Outlander 1000 Swamp Series Exhaust.

Not to be outdone by it’s sportier brother, the Renegade, the Outlander 1000 also received a ton of upgrades. The 80-degree, 976cc, V-Twin motor pumps out an industry-leading 82 horsepower, which is said to have – 17% more power than any competitive ATV. The engine isn’t the only thing that has been modified from the previous versions. The air box has been repositioned in a central location that allows for better air processing with a higher grade of air. The transmission, radiator and chassis have all received huge upgrades that really take these machines to the next level.

Working on the Outlander 1000, the HMF R&D team came up with a slip on and full system, both featured in the Swamp/Swamp XL Series. Just like on the Renegade, the 5″ Stainless Steel shell has more internal surface area with 967cc engine room to breath, increasing the overall horse power and torque of the entire machine. The Swamp’s sound level is very close to the stock pipe, but again, enhances the quality of the sound produced by the machine. However, don’t let our words convince you of the quality, visit to hear the system.

Exhaust Series Available: Swamp & Swamp XL

Price: Starting at $369.96

Systems: Single Slip On & Single Full System

Can Am Renegade 1000 (2012)

CLICK FOR AUDIO of the HMF Renegade 1000 Swamp Series Exhaust.

The Can Am Renegade 1000 features a 976cc V-Twin motor with a redesigned chassis, improved suspension and enhanced versatility. The Renegade was our starting point in designing these exhaust pipes and we wanted to try and take advantage of everything this V-Twin motor has to offer. In doing so, we created a dual exhaust system setup that is unique in it’s own. As you can see from the picture, we took advantage of the new chassis by stacking the exhausts on top of one another. Not only does this add an incredibly unique look to the machine, but it increases the horse power and improves the quality of the sound. In the dual setup, we design a slip on and full system to get every ounce of power we could out of this already powerful motor. The sound of the exhaust is something that just can’t be described with words so be sure to visit to hear it yourself.

CLICK FOR AUDIO of the HMF Renegade 1000 Dual Exhaust.

Since there was so much room to work with on the rear, we were also able to fit in a 5″ Stainless Steel Swamp/ Swamp XL Slip On and Full Exhaust system. Mounted in the same spot as the Duals, the Swamp and Swamp XL pipes really compliment the motor by using all of the surface area within the shells, creating more horse power and less sound. The Swamp Series is very similar to the sound levels of the stock pipe, but the quality of the sound is enhanced ten fold.

Exhaust Series Available: Performance, Swamp and Swamp XL

Price: Starting @$369.96

Systems: Single Slip On, Single Full System, Dual Slip Ons, Dual Full Systems


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